For Students

Letters and Reference Requests
Congratulations on pursuing the next step in your path! I will try to support you as best as I am able.

In order to obtain a letter of reference (LOR) from me, please begin by sending me a brief but formal request via email. Be sure to include relevant information: e.g., the names and years of the classes you took with me and the due date for the LOR (please especially include this). The subject line should read “REQUEST: [Your Last Name] Letter of Recommendation/Reference.” Note: Given the volume of requests I receive each year, I am more likely to accept your request if you have successfully taken at least two (2) classes with me, or if we have worked substantively together in some other capacity. This includes political organising and community-oriented work within and beyond the confines of the university.

I am no longer able to accommodate last minute requests, so please send drafts of your materials to me at least four (4) weeks–preferably six (6) weeks, if possible–before the deadline(s). If you are applying to multiple places and I have agreed to write for you, please use this form to share further information for EACH individual letter you have requested.

Office Hours
University of Toronto students can register for virtual office hours at If you’re not a current student enrolled in my classes and unaffiliated with the University of Toronto or UCLA but would still like to meet with me, please get in touch here contact.