Smythe is currently accepting sound art & performance commissions/collaborations and keynote or other academic invitations beginning February 2024. Note: Below is a regularly monitored contact form, but to be mindful of ongoing pandemic and increased demands on [racialised and gendered] labour and attention, please allow time for a response.

SA Smythe is a scholar, poet, and transmedia sound artist available for 1) curated exhibitions, poetry readings, performances, sound compositions, and site-specific installations; 2) academic lectures/keynotes on various topics of expertise and political commitment including Black queer & trans feminism, culture, and politics; Black nonbinary theories and embodied archival practices; Black poetics; transnationalism and abolition; European (im)migration and citizenship policies; colonialism and its afterlives; fascism and racial capitalism; Black Italian, postcolonial, and migrant literature; geographies of emancipation and the Black Mediterranean.