As a scholar, poet, and sound artist, I am available for poetry readings, media interviews, performances, curated exhibitions, and lectures/keynotes on various topics of expertise: Black queer & trans feminism, culture, and politics; Black nonbinary method and embodied archival practices; Black poetics; European (im)migration and citizenship policies; colonialism and its afterlives; racial capitalism; Black Italian, postcolonial, and migrant literature; geographies of liberation and the Black Mediterranean. As a founding organizing committee member for UCFTP and the Cops Off Campus Coalition, I also speak about the growing #CopsOffCampus movement and contemporary struggles and tensions in agitating for the abolition of campus police across Turtle Island. However I prefer to share the names of students and contingent faculty to invite/co-invite if you want to hear more about this work. I am now welcoming requests for events beginning Spring 2023.