soft flux (2023)

soft flux (2023), FADO Performance Centre
A Score of Scores (Spring Exhibition), Toronto, Ontario
Curators: Shannon Cochrane and Francesco Gagliardi
Download the score for soft flux (2023) (c) THEYFXRST

soft flux is a performance by SA Smythe realising a score collaboration with Autumn Knight. From full to overflowing, energised to overloaded, the artists conduct the tender frequencies of possibility needed to amplify our charge. They ask, “what stewards our notion of capacity?” pressing up alongside our field of perceptions to tease out the limits of geographical and emotional resources, sonic and aerated volume, and some boundaries to belonging. Experimenting with live and digital sound composition, text, and the body as an atomic instrument, soft flux allows the capaciousness of our relations to manifest in various erratic forms. It also considers how in a world overdetermined by attrition and extraction, we continue to seek new opportunities for connection, ones that acknowledge that just because we’re capable doesn’t mean we must.

Performance, sound composition & design – SA Smythe
Video work and score writing – Autumn Knight
Final score – THEYFXRST (SA Smythe & Autumn Knight)
Photography – © Henry Chan
Video documentation – Jeff, Allen
Video clips – Jordan Beley

THEYFXRST, The Performer and The Score Writer for soft flux (2023)