proclivity (2022)

proclivity (2022), SPAZIO GRIOT @ Mattatoio
SEDIMENTS. After Memory, Mattatoio Museum, Rome, Italy
Curator: Johanne Affricot
Trailer on Vimeo

proclivity is a work of sound installation and light display and multi-screen video projections. The first of a nine movement suite, it is one performer’s response to Westernised experiences of modernity and misrepresentations of “crisis”—of climate, of migration, of race, of Self—as fixed binary points that might generally trend towards a linear path of progress, rather than themselves representing turning points that offer dynamism through their constant upheaval. Who are we, and when; why does it matter?

Performance – SA Smythe
Photography + creative technology – Tina Tallon
Sound design – Igor Santos
Contributing gesture – Autumn Knight