Essays & Poems

On the need to claim (physical) QTBIPOC spaces” in contemp+orary (with gens QTBPOC collective)

some call it a comeback” in The Feminist Wire – Trans Multitudes

“The Ending, the Archive” and “You cannot ordain the end of times of disilusion with a wave of your hand” in The Johannesburg Salon

“Rictus Exululatus,” “familiar,” “bridges,” and “it was saturday, and then it got colder” in phren-z

“Rictus,” “Qui è dove si trova la follia,” “La punta di spillo segna dove sei,” “familiare” in La Libellula

How Europe’s Racism And Misogyny Led To The Lampedusa Tragedy,” okayafrica

Italy Is Not Just Racist, It’s Anti-Black,” okayafrica