Teaching Statement

Brief Teaching Statement

I approach teaching with a deep sense of accountability, rigor, and care in hopes of growing the curiosity of my undergraduate and graduate students. My primary responsibility as a teacher is to support students in building a critical vocabulary and a dynamic cultural analysis that expands apprehension of the texts we read, as well as reflection on our contemporary sociopolitical climate in our own domestic environment and on a global scale. As one end-of-course evaluation from a student commented, “You make me question everything…everything I thought I knew.” As a queer Black educator from a transnational background, I am firmly grounded in a feminist pedagogy that assumes that the strength of the class lies in difference and not continuity or homogeneity. I see the classroom as a collective experiment that can be productive and generative for each of us. My aim is to connect these differences and echo knowledge already present while also challenging assumptions made under the name of “fact.” I see my work as a teacher, then, as both affective and intellectual.