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recent (2018 – 2021)

“Black Life, Trans Study: On Black Nonbinary Method, European Trans Studies, & the Will to Institutionalization,” (2021), TSQ: “Europa” [1-19] (read)

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recent poetry, public scholarship, reviews

Choose Your Quarantine House” in Catapult

some call it a comeback” in The Feminist Wire – Trans Multitudes

“Postcolonialism and the Cultural Industry: Complicity and Resistance: Review of The Postcolonial Cultural Industry by Sandra Ponzanesi,” (2016), Postcolonial Studies (read)

On the need to claim (physical) QTBIPOC spaces” (with gens QTBPOC collective), (2017), contemp+orary .

“Rictus,” “Qui è dove si trova la follia,” “La punta di spillo segna dove sei,” “familiare” four poems in La Libellula Magazine